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Hi, I'm Sarah,

Nice to meet you!

I want to tell you about a friend of mine.


When Vicky first came to us she had virtually no idea how to use Facebook to generate business.

She knew that she could, she’d seen people all around her doing it, 
but she couldn’t figure it out herself.

Nothing she tried got results.

You've probably tried all of these as well?

  • Posting: Out information on her business.
  • Educating: Trying to educate everyone her around her on why her product was so good.
  • Inviting: all her friends and family to like her page.
  • Tagging: Telling all the local groups about her product.
  • Flogging: her wares in all the networking groups.

But all that happened was; she spent a lot of time, energy and money but got nowhere.

She was still no further forward.

It all still seemed like a mystery and Vicky knew that her business was suffering.

And no one seemed to be able to help. 

So when she came to us, she was frustrated and almost ready to throw in the towel.
But then, over the next 5 days.

Heres what happened:

She started getting awesome engagement on her posts.

Randoms asking questions about her business.

Regular enquires into her business.

Hot leads that wanted to take up her offer.

She even started filling up a private group with new leads who are already engaged.

Put together some stand out posts that really got engagement and some 
serious enquiries.

And the good news is, by finding this page, you’re about to discover exactly what she did!

Many small business owners, Just Like YOU, struggle to get a regular flow of new customers into their business.

Sign up for our five day course, we will help you;
  • Customer: Identify your perfect customer and make them want to buy from you.
  • Offer: Create offers that cannot be refused!
  • Lead Magnets: That will have people longing to work with you.
  • Advertise: Write the perfect advert that speaks to your customer and makes them want your product!
  • Sale: Ask for the sale and get them to say yes every time!
  • Repeat: The perfect customer should be buying from you more than once, so let's get that next sale.
We hate spam, so we don't send it. 
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  • STUCK: Getting a regular flow of enquiries into your business.
  • FLAT: Not sure how to engage with your perfect customer online.
  • TIME: Can't dedicate enough time to getting your customer.
  • MESSAGE: Not sure on what message to send out to get your customer.
  • LOST: No idea where to find your customer.
  • ​SCARED: Struggle to ask for the sale and get the close!
  • INCREASE: Not sure how to get repeat business and improve the customer value.
The key thing to remember here is that getting ‘leads’ is just half the story.

There are a million people on the internet that can show you how to do that,

but you don’t just want ‘leads’, you want ‘HIGH QUALITY LEADS’

Leads that convert and actually translate into money in your pocket.

Look at Luke!

Luke has been working two jobs for years.  He is an outstanding photographer but just didn't know how to take his business forward online.

Since using our program he has revolutionised his facebook positioning and is now seen as the stand out in his space.

He now has the confidence to invest in advertising to get even more business.

Hopefully he will be able to drop down to his passion and stop working altogether!

Look at Daniel!

Daniel has worked through our materials, watched the videos and implemented all of the steps.

He has seen his enquiries go from zero and is now receiving regular leads direct into his page.

All by making small adjustments on a daily basis that are easy to implement, but get you great results.

Over the course we will take you through the easy to follow steps to get you known.

Make sure you are the go to person in your niche.

Make your offer nice and clear so people understand the solution you provide.

And get more sales!


This Simple Yet Highly Effective System Will Teach You How To Get More Leads Consistently!

What you get...

  • PROFIT: You will grow your business quickly and see growth in your bottom line!!
  • CHEAT SHEETS: You get cheat sheets, telling you EXACTLY what you need to do!
  • VIDEOS & TASK SKEETS: You get a daily LIVE video and homework task to set out EXACTLY what you need to do each day.
  • LEAD MAGNETS: 50 Great Lead Magnets - What are they and how they can help you get more business.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY : With our dedicated pop up Facebook group, and your own partner, you will never feel like you're in it by yourself.
  • MENTOR: We talk in the group on a daily basis, answering any questions and giving you bonus hints and tips.

You might be thinking ‘well this is all well and good, but how do I know Sarah isn’t just another time-waster on the internet?'

And you’d be right to think that.

It seems like everyone is an ‘expert’ these days.
But here’s what just a few of the people that have worked with us before have to say.

"...information of incredible value when it came setting up my business online..."
Luke has completely turnaround his online presence and now has a Facebook, profile and Page to really highlight his talents and help him grow his business.

"I had no idea how to utilize Facebook for my business..."
Vicky has followed every step and has now revolutionised how she approaches Facebook.  she's getting regular engagement on her posts and improving those critical relationships to get more business.

"They really understand the needs and values of a small business....Raised the profile of my pages...."
Daniel has used our systems and seen his business flourish with a small amount of effort being put into his business everyday.
We hate spam, so we don't send it. 
We will send you updates about the course and you can opt out anytime.


  • No time: Don't apply if you havent got time to invest in your business.
  • Accountability: Don't apply if you don't like being held accountable.
  • Getting stuff done!: Don't apply if you're not an action taker!
  • Moaning: Don't apply if you only want to moan about life!
But since you’ve read this far down, I don’t think that applies to you.

I believe that you’re serious about taking your business to the next level and that this course will be just the start


You could FINALLY spend more time with your family while your business is a money making machine!

You had emails from people wanting to buy from you every day so you can afford that next holiday.

Or, just imagine how you will feel getting so many Facebook messages from people making enquiries you can afford to expand your team.

Or, you run a few adverts on Facebook and you know exactly how to get results that make you money, every single time you run an advert. 
And what's more ALL OF THIS IS FREE!


We hate spam, so we don't send it. 
We will send you updates about the course and you can opt out anytime.

My name is Sarah, and in five short days I'm going to show you how to improve the flow of business without spending a penny.

You must be wondering what qualifies me to talk about his stuff?

So let me tell you a bit about myself.

But here's what I'm not.

I'm not a sleazy Facebook Ads "Specialist" just trying to sell you the latest FAD!

I'm actually a Maths teacher, or was until 2019 when along with my Husband, Paul, I figured out that I could take the skills I used every day as a teacher and apply them in our business to create a stable, sustainable and most importantly FULL pipeline of leads!

I love working with people to help them see what they can achieve, and seeing their confidence grow.

I want to help as many people see the wood for the trees and gain clarity on their journey.

They can then confidently grow their business and invest time and effort without fear.

We will help you grow your business using Facebook as an awesome weapon in your armoury.

I find people fascinating and love learning about what makes them tick. This is the key to your success.  Do something you love and you are passionate about.

Hearing people’s stories and getting to know the real person so we can really work together in growing you and your business.

What makes me good at what I do….
I have a genuine interest in people and I’m passionate about helping them achieve their dreams. This is the same whether it be teenagers making the grades or business owners making £’s.

I am solutions focussed and will always look at ways to improve. I get a buzz from helping someone come up with the next great headline for their ad campaign.

I’m driven by results and VERY competitive. I want you to do better than your competitor because then I know I have done my job.

Nothing good ever came from sitting back and waiting. 

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to get your Facebook buzzing with leads then I will be your support and cheerleader. 

I can't wait to get to know you in the "pop up" #GetMoreLeads Facebook Group.

See you soon,




Here is a list of the most common questions we get asked.  But if yours isnt here, drop us an email at and I'll do my best to answer.

YES, We run short courses to help small business owners get the training they need without any costs.
We know as small business owners you are busy.  So each section of the course will only take 30 minutes or so each day.
OK, then you have 2 choices.  Carry on being busy, or try and be busy AND productive.  Make time for this course and you will make more money.  So saying you don't have time is like saying you don't want more money!
We offer some excellent support packages to help you grow your business online. We can support you with everything from expert help to get your Facebook ad campaigns buzzing to providing you with ready to use engagement posts. Need a little bit of help or your hand holding? We can help!

Now you've got all the answers!

Can you really keep struggling along not knowing where your next lead is coming from?

If the answer is yes, then I don't know what to say!

But if the answer is NO, pop your details in the box below and I'll see you on the other side.

We hate spam, so we don't send it. 
We will send you updates about the course and you can opt out anytime.

Before I forget,

this offer won’t be around forever.

In fact it’s only open until

3rd August!!

after that,

all my focus will switch to making sure the smart peeps 

that do sign up get the absolute best service I can give them,

so if you want in, you need to act


So for one final time,

imagine how you’d feel in 30 days time if you knew you


had to worry where your next lead is coming from.

Like the sound of that?

Then book your place and make it a reality.

See you soon


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