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We have two trial offers.

A simple one class trial.  Due to covid restrictions and limits on class sizes it is not possible to do these free.

The one class fee will be deducted off of your sign up fee when you continue with us.

Our best offer is also attached.

Here's our best deal.

  • Classes: Enjoy Unlimited classes to try us out as much as you like and see what fits your schedule best. - £30
  • Month: You get an entire month for this one off price.  So you really can try us out and make sure this is for you.  Value - £60
  • Club APP: You get one months complimentary use of our Club App, this has every technique at normal pace and slow motion demonstrated by our chief instructor as well as our Grand Master, Value £15
  • Syllabus: Full syllabus for you to download and follow, giving you a head start from day one, Value £10
  • Uniform: If you choose to continue with us at the end of the month we will even give you a free uniform, value - £35*
  • T Shirt: If you choose to continue with us at the end of the month we will even throw in our club T Shirt, Value - £20*

Value - £170

*subject to joining fee.
Today only £47

Save £123 with this deal today!


Here is a list of the most common questions we get asked. But if yours isn't here, drop us an email at and I'll do my best to answer.

Can I have a free trial first?
At this time we are unable to offer FREE trials.  We find that people that are willing to pay a small fee to get started are more committed to our program and everyone will benefit.  We can offer you a paid trial for one class.  This is £10 per class.  If you then choose to sign up, this will be deducted off of your registration fee.
Can I have the paid trial and then get this deal?
No, this is a very special deal and is only available with pre booking and full payment.
What age are your classes suitable for?
Our classes are suitable for most age's.  We also put people in age appropriate groups as they learn at very different rates.
Tots classes are aged 3-5 years, Tigers classes are aged 5-7 years, Dragons classes are aged 7-12 years, Juniors are aged 12-18 years and adults.
Where are your classes?
We have a number of locations and nights available.

Tunbridge Wells - We are currently near Meadows School on a Monday, Thursday evening and a Saturday morning.

Horley - We are at the back of Oakwood Sports Centre, just off of the Balcombe Road, on a Wednesday and Friday evening.
What contract do I have to sign?
With this offer no contract at all.  You come along for the month, and if you don't like the classes you simply leave (we know you won't want to do that!).  After this we ask you to sign a simple agreement.  Agreeing to attend and give us 30 days notice.
What safety measure do you have in place?
Loads!!  We always pride ourselves on looking after our students and with the current situation we have even more.
Outside - all classes will be outside for at least the summer.  This ensures that we all have adequate airflow.
2 Metres - We have ensured this at all times by supplying everyone with a mat to stand on which is at least 2 metres away from other participants.
Temperature - We are aware that an elevated temperature is an indication of infection, so we are checking everyone that comes to class with a laser thermometer.
First Aid - we have a minimum of one qualified first aider on site at all times.  We also have kit specially designed to maintain social distance during any incidents.

I just want a paid trial!

Ok no problem, we totally understand.  Below you can select the single class trial option.
You will no longer be offered this deal and will not be able to come back to benefit from it afterwards.
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ONE TIME OFFER (Just £20): Lifetime access to our training app. This gives you every single technique, every single move in video, in slow motion and the full written and detailed syllabus. This is normally £15 per month to access, so this will save you £160 in the first year alone. Includs bonus videos of our Grand Master Performing all technqiues.

One Time Offer: This offer is not available after you click past this point.
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